Friday, January 25, 2008

Expand the Security Council

Right now, the United Nations Security Council is too heavily Western centric. South America and Africa are not represented. The bulk of humanity resides in Asia, and Asia is only represented by China. So, I propose expanding the Security council, and instead of one veto negating a resolution, it should take two vetoes to ban a resolution.

Which countries should be added? Brazil, Japan and India are slam dunks, as is a rotating seat for Africa--picked from among Africa's countries, (South Africa, Nigeria, and Egypt are natural choices).

Brazil dominates South America econonically, and politically--although it is not Spanish-speaking. Japan is an economic power, and a rising diplomatic power. Similarly India. India, is well, a rising power in all respects. It should be on the security council already. Africa obviously needs a seat to have a voice, but no country really dominates Africa.

Finally, there should also be another rotating seat for the permanent council. This one should be voted on by all the UN members. I envision Indonesia, Turkey, or Germany getting in on the first go around.

So I propose a Security Council with the U.S., Russia, China, UK, France, Brazil, India, Japan, an Africa Seat, and an elected rotating seat.