Tuesday, March 25, 2008

End This

Tuzla - Gate and Wright Controversy

The longer this race continues, the more vile it is getting. Sen. Clinton and Obama are throwing everything at one another, while McCain continues to make gaffes, but is not called out on them.

As long as this horse race continues (which the media absolutely loves), it will force both the Sen. Clinton camp and the Obama camp to become more and more concerned with tearing the other down, rather than building up their own candidate. In the end, as nyt columnist Rich, who is an obama supporter, says, we will end up electing McCain.


As everyone agrees, time is running out. As a party, we cannot let this go to the convention. Yesterday's Diane Rehm show, had the gov. of Tenn. on, and the panel talked about his proposal to have the superdelegates vote in June, immediately AFTER all of the states/territories have voted in primaries/caucuses. The Superdelegates will declare one way or another and the race will be over. By then, the Superdelegates will know whether Obama is unelectable, as the clinton camp alleges. They will know by then how all of the states adn territories have voted.

I think that the governor's plan is a great idea, as it will decide this thing once and for all, and will allow the democrats june, july, aug. sep, and oct. to go after the republicans.


Basically Sen. Clinton and Barack Obama have the EXACT SAME PLATFORM. one is just more appealing than the other :-) and is a once in a lifetime candidate. guess who i think that is?

But either way, they should END this, or just declare a truce and only talk about the issues and not try to impugn the other candidate. The problem is, the only way now that Sen. Clinton can win, is to destroy Obama. Sen. Clinton has no other path to the nomination unless she wins in Penns., NC., Indiana, and the other remaining states. Even if she does that, she will in all probability be behind in the delegate count.

Sen. Clinton started it (because she had to), Obama is hitting back just as hard now. They will destroy one another.....