Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I like Hillary and will vote for her if she is the nominee. She is smart, sophisticated, dedicated, and competent.

She is however, polarizing.. sometimes through absolutely no fault of her own. You cannot say that she is not polarizing. The republicans hate her. Many Repbulicans who are disillussioned, will come out in nov. just to vote against her. 47% of the country will not vote for her.

Also, there is sheer clinton fatigue.. no more bushes.. no more clintons.

As someone said on another blog though, she would make a perfect chief of staff. She is very detail oriented. Obama, is more inspirational, and much more of a leader.

I have watched C-Span all week.. hours worth. the O is a far better speaker and far better on the cuff. he is also quite more liberal than she is, which suits me fine.

I detest the republicans sexist barrages against hillary. They wish they had a candidate as good as her. It makes me want to come to her defense.

That said, this election is about the country and if she is the nominee, it will turn into a referendum on the Clintons.